Real time fusion and federation between all kinds of data types and sensor systems.

When NO is not the right answer

Good decision making is based on good training of fit-for-the-job staff … having access to all available sources of data and information to make the best informed decisions.

In crisis management it is all about maximising Situational Awareness (SA) and establishing the best and most shared and shareable Common Operational Picture (COP).

As a versatile human being it is rather simple to be able to “access” various types of data and information that is served to us. We can read, feel, listen, …

Information Technology is not that far yet. However, with ICMS a strategic objective is to make the system as open as possible, both on the input as on the output side, to enable MAXIMUM connectivity with any type of data / information that will enhance COP/SA.

Contrary to other suppliers of systems, we do not impose any standard and do not “keep the door closed” to any other system wishing to connect because it will not abide by some vendor-specific standard.


Open is the keyword

ICMS has its intrinsic technical design and a team of technical experts who’s only mission is to develop new interfaces with third party systems, hardware or software.

Some current capabilities:

  • Hardware/firmware connections with CBRN sensors (used during the Worldcup soccer and Olympic Games in Brasil)
  • Vehicle and persons tracking with dedicated trackers (used during the Tour de France in Belgium/France)
  • Person trackers via a dedicated App
  • Real time sensor reading from UAV equiped with Chem detectors
  • Video streaming from various sources
  • Web Services for multiple data sets, such as traffic information, water levels, airspace activity, storm warning
  • Real time connections with weather information
  • Interconnectivity with facility management systems
  • SCADA data capture and transmission
  • Social media monitoring
  • Societal risk monitoring through realtime news assessment
  • Web Map Services for digital multi-layer cartography