ICMS Applications

Some examples of ICMS users and what ICMS can be used for

It’s universal

Existing users and new users who start working with ICMS always find new applications by using the existing tools and modules in a new environment, by identifying new fields of use or by combining ICMS with an existing system or process in a unique way.

This makes it difficult for us to explain what ICMS could do for you …

In many cases, imagination is the trigger but also the major limiting factor, since from a technological point of view “not possible” is usually not the answer we need to give.


Some examples

  • ICMS is in Belgium the ultimate tool for netcentric management of all types of incidents and crises. But it is also in use as a planning and collaboration tool for major events (VIP visits, EU summits, music festivals, sports events, … down to the local “Kermis” (fair) ).
  • ICMS permits corporate crisis management teams – local entities or global players – to keep track of risks and assets, to manage crises as they occur and to establish virtual workspaces wherever the people are actually, in the office, at home or on their vacation spot.
  • Medical emergency managers can use the MedOps module to keep track of hospital capacity in real time and have ICMS calculate the optimal patient distribution plan. New developments in this field include on-site down to hospital bed full tracking of patients in all stages of their treatment.
  • Military agencies can link ICMS with output from military C2 systems and can use ICMS as a joint COP platform whilst providing non-military support to a nation or local organisations.
  • Utility companies can track network incidents via links with SCADA and integration in the collaborative mechanisms of ICMS.
  • Security agencies can track vehicles and VIP as part of a protection programme.
  • Transport organisations can link ICMS with various types of fixed and mobile sensors, including UAV.
  • HAZMAT experts can combine ICMS with dispersion models or real time ground, aerial and maritime sensors.
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