Key Features

Some essential technical features and underlying principles

Past, present and future

ICMS as a concept and version 1 software started just before the turn of the century and has since never stopped to evolve at a fast speed.

The evolution has always been driven by a combination of:

  • users process oriented requirements
  • technological possibilities

The development of our system is characterised by a number of key principles:

  • Integration of tools and modules into ONE interactive environment
  • All-hazard, all-user orientation with organisation, usage or even user specific modular access and configuration
  • Maximum inclusion of professional standards and generally applicable solutions and techniques
  • Full internationalisation, with multi-lingual interfaces and geo-local support
  • Application of Open Standards, EDXL, … to allow maximum connectivity with third party hard- and software
  • Combination of system, with high level content expertise
  • High security
  • Agile project management, to generate visible output and frequent alignment of proposed solutions with actual requirements
  • Total solution approach, including: ICMS Academy for training, process support (even during an emergency), quality assurance, security monitoring
  • High professional qualification of our staff


This philosophy has lead to a system that is:

  • Web-based or standalone
  • Neutral to Operating System and browser
  • Multi-lingual
  • Computer or mobile device accessible
  • Open Standard and (in part) EDXL compliant
  • Encrypted
  • Security certified
  • Easy to integrate external data streams, sensors, …
  • Highly redundant and 24/7 available, with load balancing, …
  • GDPR compliant
  • Compliant with NATO STANAG, ISO, EN, WHO, Interpol and other standards