Preparing for an emergency

Databases and a variety of tools for public sector or corporate emergency planning.

Organisational Readiness

Different types of organisations have different needs when it comes to emergency planning. The mission however is for all the same: enable adequate, efficient and effective real time management of any crisis the organisation might be confronted with.

Establishing READINESS is also more than just making an emergency plan and therefore we have an entire suite of tools and modules ready and available for activation if and when you need them:

  • Self-checking databases for persons, organisations, infrastructure
  • Specific additional databases for risks and risk objects
  • Digital cartography with drawing tools
  • Map layer management
  • Scenario building tools
  • Emergency plan editor
  • Exercise planner
  • Exercise management module
  • Asses inventory module
  • HAZMAT module
  • Medical planning module
  • Real time weather links
  • Real time risk indicators
  • Web services
  • Import, export and fusion services
  • Dedicated modules (SAR, logistics, …)
  • Industry specific modules (e.g. utilities)
  • In-system or CAP alerting
  • Organisation chart design
  • Personnel status tracker


All these tools and modules can be switched off/on and therefore provide a growth path when you start using ICMS in your organisation. The tools and modules automatically interconnect and integrate, so it is really not much more than “flipping a switch”. ICMS can be totally customised and is readily available in over ten languages.