Managing a crisis

Tools and modules enabling real time management of crisis situations.

The reasons for my existence …

Probably you will have started looking on this website, because you need a reliable tool to establish highly secure multi-functional co-operation between persons, services within your organisation or even with persons and organisations outside of your own.

The flexibility in configuration to do that and the numerous tools and modules that can be activated, make ICMS a truly unique system. Possibly the most versatile system in the world…

It is not only commercial talk. ICMS/IBZ is the Belgian national incident & crisis management system, operational 24/7 for ALL first line stakeholders in emergency management for the entire country. ICMS serves the national ministries, all fire brigades, all hospitals and medical emergency services, all police departments, civil protection units, all military units, municipal authorities, emergency planners, air and sea ports, utility companies, traffic management authorities, cyber defence, nuclear industry, Seveso companies, …

All the tools and modules specified below are currently in operational use, and available in a high security hosted environment or on a dedicated private server.


Tools for emergency management

  • Joint high-performance cartography
  • Automatic Case sharing based on geographical areas of responsibility or functional requirements
  • Non-shared high security environments
  • Generic and dedicated logbooks
  • Secure chat
  • Tasking management
  • Logistics tracking
  • Real time data fusion
  • Multi-media controller
  • Digital library
  • Access to emergency plans
  • Look-up in person, organisation and infrastructure databases
  • Management of casualties and peripheral medical operations
  • Support in HAZMAT incidents
  • Specific cyber defence toolkit
  • Realtime connectivity to sensors, such as UAV
  • Web Map/File Services for permanent up to date data fusion
  • User specific Dashboards
  • Application or profile specific access to modules
  • Damage inventory and assessment
  • Tracking of staff
  • Visualisation of staffing at various levels
  • Use of Incident Action Plans
  • Collaborative use of digital forms, such as SITREP’s
  • Automated data collection for After Action Reporting (AAR)
  • Social Media analysis tools